Clean water is the essential condition for a pleasant swimming experience. Both clean water and pleasant water experiences have been our main interest since 1983. Suomen Allaslaite Oy is one of the Finland’s leading specialists in water treatment systems as well as a supplier of various ranges of pool and spa products. We deliver water treatment systems and additional products and equipment for public swimming halls, rehabilitation centres, spas, leisure centres and hotels.


It is useful to contact an expert at a very early state of planning to ensure the technically operational and most cost effective project now and in the future on an environmental friendly way. We are able to help you on new building projects as well as on renovation cases.


Our deliveries and projects varies from a whole turnkey water treatment projects to individual pool equipments, chemicals, water attractions and water activity products – you might say we deliver all you need in a swimming hall or spa. We take care of our customers in every state of project, also after the delivery. We train the equipment users to use the systems correct way, when needed our service experts are able to maintain all water treatment equipment and systems.


You need a professional for clean water!